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Statsig converts the data from your applications into results that uncover the true impact of your product features and growth experiments
How Statsig Works
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Data infrastructure

How Statsig’s data infrastructure works

Statsig converts the events from your experiments and application events to deliver trustworthy results at your fingertips. This data infrastructure is designed to capture the precision and scale that you expect from applications with users from thousands to billions of end-users.
Trustworthy results

Trustworthy & Reliable Results

At Statsig, we invest in building reliable data infrastructure and computing trustworthy results so that you don't have to carry a pager and drown in pipeline hell everyday. Our data scientists craft these pipelines with care and precision so that you can trust the results and have the peace of mind to focus on finding more opportunities for your business.


Of events processed daily


Access to your data


Your experiments and metrics to match your needs


With your favorite data platform
Statsig SDKs

How Statsig SDKs work

Statsig SDKs are designed to power high availability for all your applications, no matter where you want to deploy your experiments: client applications or backend servers. You can also call the Statsig HTTP APIs to prototype or test your code.

Dive deep

Statsig SDKs

Performance, Scale, and Security

Statsig's client and server SDKs are open source and written to have little to no impact on your application. Once initialized, these SDKs have the ability to operate offline without needing to repeatedly make network connections, so your application enjoys high availability regardless of last mile connectivity to Statsig. If your experiment configuration isn't yet set, the application receives a default value without impacting your end-experience.

<1ms latency

For post-init evaluations

On-prem eval

For Server SDK


Uptime for APIs and Console
Statsig Insights

How Statsig insights work

Inspired by Facebook’s Deltoid and Quick Experiments (QE), Statsig's user interface surfaces the most important information for you to make the faster and better product decisions using real data about how your users engage with your application.

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Statsig SDKs

Simple and Actionable Insights

From executives to product managers and engineers, every member of your team can see the true impact of new features and experiments on Statsig, regardless of their data science expertise. This empowers every team member to make decisions and take action without calling meetings, writing long narratives, or building 'organizational alignment'.

Built for collaboration

Regardless of data science expertise

Easy but informative

UX guides your team towards best experimentation practices

Intuitive data visualizations

To make results, and therefore decision making, obvious

You are always in control

See what's moving your teams' topline metrics in one easy view OR dig as deep as you want
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What builders love about us

OpenAI OpenAI
Brex Brex
Notion Notion
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Ancestry Ancestry
At OpenAI, we want to iterate as fast as possible. Statsig enables us to grow, scale, and learn efficiently. Integrating experimentation with product analytics and feature flagging has been crucial for quickly understanding and addressing our users' top priorities.
Dave Cummings
Engineering Manager, ChatGPT
Brex's mission is to help businesses move fast. Statsig is now helping our engineers move fast. It has been a game changer to automate the manual lift typical to running experiments and has helped product teams ship the right features to their users quickly.
Karandeep Anand
At Notion, we're continuously learning what our users value and want every team to run experiments to learn more. It’s also critical to maintain speed as a habit. Statsig's experimentation platform enables both this speed and learning for us.
Mengying Li
Data Science Manager
We evaluated Optimizely, LaunchDarkly, Split, and Eppo, but ultimately selected Statsig due to its comprehensive end-to-end integration. We wanted a complete solution rather than a partial one, including everything from the stats engine to data ingestion.
Don Browning
SVP, Data & Platform Engineering
We only had so many analysts. Statsig provided the necessary tools to remove the bottleneck. I know that we are able to impact our key business metrics in a positive way with Statsig. We are definitely heading in the right direction with Statsig.
Partha Sarathi
Director of Engineering
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