What is Product Observability?

Product Observability combines experimentation with real-time analytics to give you a 360° view of your product
Product Observability

Product Observability in Action


Release every feature behind a gate

Put features in the hands of users early and often. Target releases to select users and test in production every day. Launch features with zero stress.



Gain 360° product visibility

Discover customer signals from every release using A/B test results with no extra code.



Zoom in to understand every signal

Slice and dice results for any user dimension to understand and evaluate new signals and opportunities.


Why Product Observability?

Learn faster, Build faster

Customer-obsessed teams continuously learn and adapt to their customers. They build to delight, not throw darts in the dark.

Get Definitive Answers

Fast moving teams navigate through uncertain territory with fast and definitive answers about the unknowns at each step.

Be Relentless about Growth

Ambitious teams set audacious goals and experiment relentlessly to achieve growth. While others fly blind, they play to win.

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What our customers say about us

“We knew upon seeing Statsig’s user interface that it was something a lot of teams could use.”
Laura Spencer
Chief of Staff
“We realized that Statsig was investing in the right areas that will benefit us in the long-term.”
Omar Guenena
Engineering Manager
“Statsig's experimentation platform enables both speed and learning for us.”
Mengying Li
Data Science Manager
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