The top 4 VWO alternatives for visual website optimization

Jack Virag
Sat Feb 24 2024
VWO (Visual Website Optimization) is a great platform for website testing, conversion optimization, and more. How does it stack up against competitors like Optimizely?
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Unveiling the power of pricing experiments

Cooper Reid
Tue Feb 20 2024
“Pricing experiments,” once considered a tactic available only to the major online merchants, have been adopted as a core component within the e-commerce playbook.
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Hyper-personalization challenges in data-driven development

The Statsig Team
Mon Feb 19 2024
Hyper-personalization often involves a dual approach: quantitative metrics for robust performance analysis and insights from customer feedback to enhance satisfaction.
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The top 4 Optimizely alternatives for experimentation

Jack Virag
Mon Feb 12 2024
Optimizely is a marketing and website experimentation platform that extends into the full-stack development space—but how does it stack up against the competition?
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Why I launched a data science YouTube channel

Yuzheng "YZ" Sun
Thu Feb 08 2024
I've seen too many data scientists doing the right thing, yet getting frustrated and giving up because their audience isn't receptive. Here's how I'm going to change that.
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San Francisco, meet Statsig

Brock Lumbard
Thu Feb 08 2024
How Statsig aims to introduce every San Franciscan to the tools that simplify data-driven product development at fast-growth startups and Fortune 500s alike.
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Warehouse-native experimentation

Jack Virag, Logan Bates
Wed Feb 07 2024
With warehouse-native experimentation, all statistical analysis across metrics occurs on the warehouse resources, and results are written locally to a designated table.
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Building allies in experimentation

Craig Sexauer
Wed Jan 31 2024
One of the most important things I've learned as a data scientist is that—despite being data-focused—the real data science wins are rooted in human connection.
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Why you should evaluate an experimentation platform sooner rather than later

Sid Kumar, Skye Scofield
Thu Jan 25 2024
Learn the reasons why you should adopt a robust experimentation platform sooner rather than later and how to champion change within your organization.
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Advanced experimentation terms explained

Skye Scofield
Thu Jan 18 2024
Here's a short guide to advanced experimentation terms, like Bonferroni Correction, CUPED, and more—including how they're applied and when to use them.
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The top 4 Firebase alternatives

Nate Bek
Wed Jan 17 2024
Firebase is a Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform that simplifies backend development for web and mobile applications—but how do they compare against the competition?
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Statsig's 2023 year in review

Skye Scofield, Tore Hanssen
Mon Jan 15 2024
We changed a lot over the past year, with new headcount, new features, and new products. Check out the recap, and thanks for being a part of the journey!
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Statsig Spotlight #2: Product excellence month

Sid Kumar, Margaret-Ann Seger
Sun Jan 14 2024
Explore the importance of prioritizing foundational projects for long-term product success, beyond immediate growth or revenue.
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AskSE: Scaling our Solutions Engineering team using ChatGPT

Emma Dahl, Ryan Musser
Fri Jan 12 2024
Our head of solutions engineering, Ryan Musser, built a bot that pulls from our knowledge repository and answers technical, security and privacy questions.
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Feature release notes: Organization experiment policy

Quinn Gilbert, Joe Zeng
Thu Jan 11 2024
Our new organization experiment policy allows organization admins to set defaults for new experiments, enforce these defaults, and tailor Statsig for their business.
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