B2B Saas

Unleash B2B growth with experimentation and analytics
B2B Saas

More experiments, happier customers

Statsig helps dozens of SaaS companies get the most from their application with experiments designed for B2B companies.

You can test new features or products at the user or company level, with flexible , units of experimentation. Stratified sampling ensures your cohorts are sorted into representative groups.

You don’t need millions of users to see value from experiments.

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Manage features with ease

Imagine being able to roll out a new integration or a workflow enhancement to only those customers who would benefit the most.

With Statsig’s advanced feature management system, you can selectively introduce new features to subsets of users, target specific customer groups, and manage the pace of your feature rollouts with incredible ease.

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Trace impact all the way to renewal

Leverage Statsig’s centralized metric catalog to connect the dots between product improvements and revenue growth.

What if you could track the journey of a product enhancement from rollout all the way impact on revenue and renewals. This isn’t just a pipe dream - with Statsig’s analytics tools and wholistic metric catalog, you can deconstruct this path, and make data-driven improvements that truly drive your business forward.

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What our customers say about us

“[Statsig] enables shipping software 10x faster, each feature can be in production from day 0 and no big bang releases are needed.”
Matteo Hertel
“Statsig's experimentation platform enables both speed and learning for us.”
Mengying Li
Data Science Manager
“The beauty is that Statsig allows us to both run experiments, but also track the impact of feature releases.”
Evelina Achilli
Product Growth Manager
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