Modern feature flags, rollouts, and configs for your whole team. Say goodbye to free trials, seat-based pricing, and the hassle of maintaining in-house tools.

Move faster, with confidence

Decouple feature releases from platform deployments for any front-end, middleware or back-end features.

Statsig SDKs are architected to eliminate flag check latency, so you can deliver the best experience to your customers with any technology, at any scale.

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Integrate seamlessly into your core infrastructure and workflows

With support for Terraform, Cloudflare and Edge CDN, Statsig is built to work on top of your existing infrastructure. With easy-to-configure integrations with Datadog and a flexible console API, Statsig makes both monitoring and controlling rollouts using your favorite tools easy.

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Ensure performance with every rollout

Monitor key performance and reliability metrics with every rollout to ensure launches don’t regress performance.

Statsig makes it easy for every team to track the impact of their launches on performance metrics, democratizing responsibility for maintaining a performant and reliable end user experience.

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Easily manage the lifecycle of your features

Manage the lifecycle of your flags from pre-release through to launch via custom-configured environments and easy archival and deletion tooling. Our lifecycle management filters and automated nudges make it easy to clean up old flags as you go, avoiding tech debt before it even has a chance to accrue.

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Shipping is a team sport

Invite team members to collaborate on features and create review workflows to follow your team’s best practices. Enforce new features are launched behind a flag at the point code is checked in with Statsig’s Github Actions integration, and track changes to flags for easy debugging with detailed audit logs.

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What our customers say about us

“Working with the Statsig team feels like we’re working with a team within our own company.”
Jeff To
Engineering Manager
“Statsig gives Tavour best in class feature flag management combined with unparalleled A/B testing.”
Philip Vaughn
“We finally found a product that moves just as fast as we do and have been super impressed with how closely our teams collaborate.”
Rami Khalaf
Product Engineering Manager
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