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Statsig's Be Significant program for startups gives you one year of Statsig's smart feature gates and experiments, all for free.

Why Statsig
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Connect with our data scientists and engineers, and ask questions or just hang out with other cool folks that believe in an experimentation culture!


Trustworthy & Reliable Results

At Statsig, we invest in building reliable data infrastructure and computing trustworthy results so that you don't have to carry a pager and drown in pipeline hell everyday. Our data scientists craft these pipelines with care and precision so that you can trust the results and have the peace of mind to focus on finding more opportunities for your business.


Performance, Scale, and Security

Statsig's client and server SDKs are open source and written to have little to no impact on your application. Once initialized, these SDKs have the ability to operate offline without needing to repeatedly make network connections, so your application enjoys high availability regardless of last mile connectivity to Statsig. If your experiment configuration isn't yet set, the application receives a default value without impacting your end-experience.


Simple and Actionable Insights

From executives to product managers and engineers, every member of your team can see the true impact of new features and experiments on Statsig, regardless of their data science expertise. This empowers every team member to make decisions and take action without calling meetings, writing long narratives, or building 'organizational alignment'.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualification criteria for the Be Significant program?

The three criteria for qualifying for the Be Significant program are:

  • Your company was founded less than 2 years ago
  • You have received less than $20 million in funding
  • Your company has fewer than 20 employees

What’s included in the Statsig Startup Program?

You get access to all features in the Statsig Pro tier along with 25 million events per month. That’s over $20,000 in value and includes support.

What happens at the end of the year?

At the end of the year, you’ll have the option to graduate to Statsig’s Pro tier and pay for any events in excess of 5 million per month, or speak with our Sales team to discuss an annual pricing plan.

What level of support is included?

You will enjoy the same level of support as Statsig’s Pro tier customers: Slack and email support, with responses by next business day.


What others say about us

Anthony Hoang

Anthony Hoang

Head of Growth Engineering, Quilt
“At WeQuilt, we are building a new kind of social network and Statsig has removed the guesswork on what causes our business metrics to move on a daily basis. With Statsig, our team can now create experiments within minutes and get a full picture of how our users are responding at a speed like never before.”
Josh Houghton

Josh Houghton

Director of Acquisition & Conversion, Made Renovation
“We chose to partner with Statsig because we believed in what their team was building. The Statsig team has been there every step of the way, from implementation to understanding results. They are building something special and we are excited to be apart of the journey!”
Rami Khalaf

Rami Khalaf

Product Engineering Manager, Whatnot
“Excited to bring Statsig to Whatnot! We finally found a product that moves just as fast as we do and have been super impressed with how closely our teams collaborate.”

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