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All the features you need in an end-to-end product experimentation platform
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Statsig makes software development easy

Roll out every feature behind a gate, and turn every feature launch into a trustworthy and reliable experiment. Gain data-driven insights to innovate quickly—without having to worry about building and fixing data pipelines

Feature Flags

Control releases in production for any front-end, middleware or back-end features within seconds. Statsig SDKs are architected to eliminate gate-check latency, so you can deliver the best experience to your customers with any technology, at any scale
Feature Flags

Dynamic Configs

Replace hardcoded values in your application with configuration parameters that you can change any time and automatically customize your app experience with minimal effort. Include any property across your client-side and server-side code in your dynamic config to control your app’s behavior in near real-time
Dynamic Configs


Build a culture of experimentation by making data more accessible. Empower team members with a modern UI, collaboration tools, and the most advanced stats engine on the market. We treat your imported data the same as SDK data

Warehouse Native

Wield the power of CUPED, sequential analysis, integrated SDKs that support KPI measurement (even with partial rollouts), Holdouts, Layers, account-based controls, and more - all with your own data warehouse
Warehouse Native


Stay on top of every metric of interest as you roll out features, investigate trends, and diagnose anomalies at an early stage. Furthermore, Statsig uncovers untapped opportunities for growth and informs product roadmaps


No more hand-wavey OKR reviews- measure true incremental impact to a target metric across all feature launches and easily quantify what parts of your business are delivering value


Unlock the full potential of your metrics with a holistic, unified approach to product growth. Whether you are in Product, Data Science, Engineering, or BizOps, Statsig provides instant clarity for continuously tracking impact of your features


Build a complete set of dashboards to track progress against your product or business goals. Add relevant metrics, experiments, or gates from across the Statsig Console to one surface and share it with your whole team
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What our customers love

Product Observability combines experimentation with real-time analytics to give you a 360° view of your product and business. For the first time, you can see which features are driving your business core metrics
Experiment like the pros

Advanced stats engine

Run multivariate experiments with ease. We also support sequential testing, and CUPED

Customization options

Customize metrics with filters, ratios, and conversions. Slice & dice experiment results for accurate decisions

Data visualizations

Powerful no-code visualizations, and meta-analysis with insights and dashboard tools

Support and documentation

A robust docs library with hands-on onboarding and support from true experts

Teamwork made easy

Collaboration features built directly into the console, with customizable role privileges

Pricing aligned with usage

Statsig uses an event-based pricing model with no limitations on seats, flags, or environments

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What builders love about us

OpenAI OpenAI
Brex Brex
Notion Notion
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Ancestry Ancestry
At OpenAI, we want to iterate as fast as possible. Statsig enables us to grow, scale, and learn efficiently. Integrating experimentation with product analytics and feature flagging has been crucial for quickly understanding and addressing our users' top priorities.
Dave Cummings
Engineering Manager, ChatGPT
Brex's mission is to help businesses move fast. Statsig is now helping our engineers move fast. It has been a game changer to automate the manual lift typical to running experiments and has helped product teams ship the right features to their users quickly.
Karandeep Anand
At Notion, we're continuously learning what our users value and want every team to run experiments to learn more. It’s also critical to maintain speed as a habit. Statsig's experimentation platform enables both this speed and learning for us.
Mengying Li
Data Science Manager
We evaluated Optimizely, LaunchDarkly, Split, and Eppo, but ultimately selected Statsig due to its comprehensive end-to-end integration. We wanted a complete solution rather than a partial one, including everything from the stats engine to data ingestion.
Don Browning
SVP, Data & Platform Engineering
We only had so many analysts. Statsig provided the necessary tools to remove the bottleneck. I know that we are able to impact our key business metrics in a positive way with Statsig. We are definitely heading in the right direction with Statsig.
Partha Sarathi
Director of Engineering
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