Statsig x Unleash: Introducing Real Time Analytics for Every Feature Toggle

Tue Dec 13 2022

John Wilke

Product Marketing

Statsig and Unleash have joined forces to provide Statsig analytics and insights behind Unleash feature toggles.


Unleash is an open-source feature management solution that gives teams full control of how and when they enable new functionality for end users. Unleash lets teams ship code to production in smaller releases whenever they want—increasing developer efficiency and overall speed.


Statsig is a modern product observability platform built on experimentation and feature management. Statsig goes beyond measuring events and clicks, and empowers teams to easily see which feature releases drive core business metrics.

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Unleash and Statsig: Integration with impact

Statsig and Unleash have partnered together to bring Statsig data analytics and product insights to any features shipped behind Unleash feature toggles!

Now, when there’s a partial rollout to a set of equivalent users, you can turn the partial rollout into an A/B test with minimal effort. This new integration takes user metrics with the new feature (”Enabled” users are your test group) and compares them to users without the feature (”Disabled” users are your Control group) to better understand what impact your new feature has on business KPIs than ever before.

For example, if rolling a new feature out to 10% of your users, you can now detect if your crash rate increases or decreases for the selected set of users. Typically a regression like this will only be visible in your top-line dashboards after a much larger rollout. If you were expecting Page Load Times to halve with this new rollout, Statsig tells you if this is true or false efficiently—without needing to manually analyze cohorts or wait until you’ve finished rolling out the new feature cohorts.


In the scenario below, we use an Unleash Feature Toggle to roll out a feature to 90% of users in the US and Canada, and can see in Statsig how this is impacting relevant metrics. In this case, the impact is for an e-commerce website.

unleash feature toggle setup
statsig and unleash feature toggle setup

How it works

After opting in, Unleash shares the impression data for feature toggles with your connected Statsig account. Opting in also shares the KPI data of associated users with Statsig for seamless analysis.

By automating data analysis, Statsig provides you and your team with easy-to-understand results.

If you are using Unleash Feature Toggles, now you will be able to send the impression data for feature toggles to Statsig, along with other important analytics events to see how your features perform across all relevant metrics.

This allows you to review performance before making a decision to ship features to 100% of your users.

unleash metrics viewed in statsig

Now, every time you have a feature toggle in Unleash that you’d like to power up with data analytics, just make sure to turn on “impression data” and log the impression event to Statsig using the statsig-unleash-connector.

Make sure to also use the connector to log any analytics events like “sign_up” and “purchase” to your Statsig project, and you will be able to see metric lifts on these events across all of your features with impression data.

For example, here is what the setup looks like to get analytics for a 50% gradual rollout feature toggle in Statsig. Just make sure the name of the feature gate in Statsig matches the feature toggle, and the first rule in the feature gate has the same 50% pass rate.

unleash experiment toggle
test toggle in statsig

You can read up more about how to use the connector and the setup in the GitHub documentation. If you have any questions, feel free to ask away in our Slack community and join us for the Statsig x Unleash Developer Hangout on December 15, 2022:

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