Feature release notes: Organization experiment policy

Thu Jan 11 2024

Quinn Gilbert

Software Engineer, Statsig

Joe Zeng

Software Engineer, Statsig

Now, your company's best practices can take center stage.

In our continuous effort to empower companies in their experimentation process, we're thrilled to announce Statsig's latest addition: Organization experiment policy. This powerful feature gives organization admins unparalleled control and customization capabilities over their experimentation settings.

Enhanced controls for admins

Our new policy grants organization admins the ability to:

  • Set defaults for new experiments: While Statsig aims to provide an intuitive platform for all users, we understand the unique requirements of every organization. Now, data scientists and experts can decide on experiment best practices for their business, such as default experiment duration and use of sequential testing.

  • Enforce these defaults: This ensures consistency across all experiments, and that best practices are enforced for experimenters.

  • Tailor Statsig for the business: Safeguard against unintended misuse by limiting the set of experimentation practices to ones effective to the organization.

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Why does this matter?

Not all users come with a data science background. While Statsig is designed to be user-friendly for everyone, data specialists in your company will invariably have a deeper understanding of the nuances of experimentation. With our organization experiment policy:

  • Experts take the wheel: They can establish standards that resonate with your company's unique goals and context.

  • Customized defaults: We provide recommended default values, but each company's journey is unique. Tailor these defaults to your organization's distinct needs.

  • Safeguard against pitfalls: Some advanced features are highly situational. Without proper knowledge, they might be mistakenly activated, potentially leading to misinterpreted results. This new policy allows organizations to disable such options, ensuring that experiments run smoothly without inadvertent hiccups.

Enterprise-level benefits with Statsig

The organization experiment policy is just the tip of the iceberg for our enterprise customers. If you're contemplating an enterprise partnership with Statsig, here are the perks:

  • Exclusive features tailored for large-scale operations: Alongside organization experiment policy, our enterprise package offers numerous other functionalities designed for expansive, intricate operations.

  • Dive in with our special offer: New to Statsig? Begin your journey with 1m free events.

Curious about our enterprise package or eager to kickstart your Statsig journey? Explore our pricing page or reach out to our sales team today. Let's redefine experimentation together!

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